This Shiny app will assist you to analyse your data and also help to find relationship between variables.

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If you want to analyse your data, upload your .csv data file, or you can use the sample mtcars data for analysing

Note: while the data view will show only the specified number of observations, the summary will still be based on the full dataset.

If this is not selected then the linear regression is directly applied on the top predictor

Correlation and Linear Regression





Correlation Summary


Linear Regression Model Summary



Customize plot

This R Shiny web app allows the user to find correlation and regression between different variables and also user can do data analysis using scatter plot.

The app has sidebar for uploading any dataset. To use the app you need to first upload the data without missing value(s) to get accurate result. Then you can analyse your data using plot, statistical analysis like correlation, linear, and multiple regression.

I would like to continue enhancing this app with many additional features and graphics. Stay tuned for updates.

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